Case Study

Revitalizing AdWords Campaign for Increased ROI

Case Study

Revitalizing AdWords Campaign for Increased ROI

An industrial client (identity undisclosed for data protection) had been self-managing their AdWords pay-per-click advertising account for over a year. They were early adopters of the AdWords program in their industry, achieving initial success.


As competition surged, our client’s ad positions dwindled, and ROI declined. Escalating competition for crucial keywords led to escalating costs and unsatisfactory returns.


Our strategy was forged with precision and ingenuity:

MS Digital Marketing Solutions’ strategy involved rebuilding the client’s AdWords account with a segmented campaign structure. This structure targeted specific demographics, ensuring that each campaign resonated with a distinct audience subset.

Within each campaign, MS Digital Marketing Solutions created tailored Ad Groups and ad creatives. These ads were carefully crafted to match the search intent of the target audience. The goal was to present highly relevant content, increasing engagement and click-through rates.

MS Digital Marketing Solutions’ approach didn’t end with the initial changes. The team continued to refine and optimize the campaigns over time. By continuously analyzing performance metrics and adjusting strategies, they maintained and improved upon the achieved results, delivering ongoing value to the client.

Our Approach

The flagship product campaign needed refining. Ads matching user searches enhance CTR. For instance, a user seeking “Widgets Price” prefers an ad titled “Widgets Price.”
Expanding the “Widgets” campaign from three to six Ad Groups with keyword-specific ads immediately improved CTR. Targeted Ad groups, aligning with aspects of the widgets, yielded a higher CTR and lowered CPC.
Comparing the first month with six ad groups to the previous month, CTR rose from 2.41% to 3.89%, and CPC decreased from $2.24 to $2.17.

Continuous Refinement:

  • Campaigns evolved over time. The client maintains a meaningful return on Google Ad and Microsoft Ads spend. Average search campaign CTR is 4.47%, average CPC is $2.21. Google Ads conversion tracking gauges form fills and calls.
    For nine years, we’ve optimized this client’s account, ensuring continuous value and strategy alignment.


In the face of rising competition and diminishing returns, MS Digital Marketing Solutions stepped in to orchestrate a triumphant turnaround for our industrial client. The journey from dwindling ad positions to remarkable ROI was guided by a strategic roadmap that exemplified precision and innovation.
The pivotal collaboration commenced with a thorough reimagining of the AdWords landscape. By segmenting campaigns and crafting tailored Ad Groups, we not only harnessed the power of audience precision but also elevated ad engagement to unprecedented levels. This strategic orchestration led to a significant reduction in cost-per-click, unlocking cost efficiencies that had been obscured before.
The core strategy of enhancing click-through rates through relevancy bore remarkable fruits. By aligning ads with specific search intent, we redefined engagement dynamics and reaped the benefits of a lower CPC. The transformation was visible in the metrics, where the CTR surged from 2.41% to an impressive 3.89%, while the CPC diminished from $2.24 to $2.17.
However, our journey didn't culminate with these immediate achievements. MS Digital Marketing Solutions embraced a commitment to continuous refinement, ensuring that the campaign's effectiveness remained unwavering over time. This dedication resulted in sustained ROI, with an average search campaign CTR of 4.47% and an average CPC of $2.21. Our partnership with the client extended beyond the inception of success, demonstrating our long-term dedication to delivering enduring value.
This case study underscores the profound impact of strategic campaign management. Through precise targeting, creative ingenuity, budgetary finesse, and unwavering commitment, we ushered our client from a challenging landscape to a realm of thriving returns. The success narrative demonstrates the potency of strategic digital marketing and stands as a testament to the transformative power of our collaborative approach.

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